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About us

Beautiful, high-quality, functional products for little onesFounded and run by a mother of two, we at Sprout believe in beauty, kindness, real life and a large dose of silly.


 The Sprout of Whimsy Vision

Our vision is to provide beautiful and useful products for little ones while being unmatched in our efforts of quality, design, sustainability and social good. We offer one-of-a-kind gifts and essentials for those looking for nothing but the best for that special wee-one. We search high and low for natural materials that are soft, functional, responsibly made and eco-friendly. Good for baby and good for the world. And because we want to see good extended everywhere possible, we give a portion of the proceeds from every sale to those in need. 

We believe that by providing customers with unique items that combine artistry, convenience and the opportunity to give back, Sprout of Whimsy will be respected, appreciated and sought-after worldwide.

We take our role toward our customers, suppliers, and partners pretty seriously. We believer in treating every person with kindness and professionalism and being true to our word. Still, at the heart of Sprout of Whimsy is a childlike view of life, complete with plenty of laughter and fun.



Sprout of Whimsy was born out of a combination of a love for creating beautiful things and the need to earn an income while being home to care for my two children, who are often sick due to a rare health condition.

As Sprout began to emerge I couldn’t get away from a desire to use it to do good for others. I was inspired by the Toms story - the idea of growing a for-profit company while simultaneously helping those in need. It might seem silly but I have always dreamed of starting a non-profit someday & the thought never crossed my mind that I could use a profitable business to accomplish the same good. I personally love when I can make a purchase and know that it will also be helping someone so I decided to give my customers the same opportunity!

The organizations we choose to support will vary in their efforts/causes; some will be local to my community, some in the USA and some international - all will help children in some way.

We hope you love the items you see here; whether they be for your own precious little ones or as a gift for someone. And once you receive them we believe that you'll find them to be beautiful, unique and highly functional.

Thank you for helping to supporting our small family and children all over the world! 

Sincerely Yours,


Victoria Herkomer