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Why Organic

As you may have noticed, organic products tend to more expensive. This can make choice to buy organic a challenging one. But there is a reason for this & we think it's worth it. Here is a brief overview of some of the benefits of GOTS certified organic fabrics and products. We hope this will help you understand why we choose to use only certified organic products and hope you will too.


  • Farmer - No hazardous pesticides = healthier for growers and nearby communities
  • Workers - No toxic chemicals in manufacturing = safer working conditions and preservation of local water sources
  • Consumer/Wearer - No allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemical residues = safe, comfortable clothing/textiles.


  • Less energy & water use
  • 94% less greenhouse gas emissions
  • No pollution of groundwater & other water sources


  • No child labor 
  • No forced labor
  • Living wages
    For more information visit the Global Organic Textile Standard website: or click to check out this informative flyer.